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    10 December 2018
    A van with non-alcoholic beverages is caught while attempted to be smuggled

      Prishtina 10th of December 2018, - Customs officers managed to capture a van loaded with non-alcoholic beverages which are suspected to have been smuggled from Serbia. At around 11:00 Customs units stopped a vehicle for a detailed control, which was being driven by a Kosovar/Albanian citizen, and during the ...

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    10 December 2018
    The preparations for the opening of the Kosovo Customs office in the port of Durres began

    Pristine 9th of December 2018, - technical groups have begun procedures for the opening of the Customs office in the port of Durres. In the frame of the cooperation between two Governments, as well as in the frame of the implementation of the decisions of both Governments on 7 and  8 December ...

  • Dogana Llogo
    10 December 2018
    An explanation for media: Customs denies the news that products with unconstitutional description have entered in Kosovo

    Pristine 9th of December 2018, - After announcements in some portals that in Kosovo have entered products with unconstitutional description, Customs releases an explanation for media. Since the receipt of the decision of the government, Kosovo ...

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    10 December 2018
    Captured a truck with eggs during smuggling attempt

    Pristine 8th of December 2018, - customs officers have achieved to capture a truck with eggs suspected to be smuggled from Serbia. During a patrol in highway of Mitrovica-Skenderaj, customs units have noticed a truck without number plates coming from Mitrovica. After the truck has been profiled as suspected, officers have point it out. The driver has refused ...

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    03 December 2018
    Clarification related to the customs procedures in cases of donation and commodities goods

    Pristine 1st of December 2018, - Kosovo Customs announces all citizens, businesses, NGO and any other interested party regarding the customs procedures in accordance with protection measure according to the government decision (01/76 date 21/11/2018). Considering necessary for further ...

  • Satistika- Open Data
    19 November 2018
    Customs implements the OPEN DATA platform

    Pristine 18th of November 2018, - Kosovo Customs from today has implemented OPEN DATA platform, such platform increases the level of transparency and ensures everyone that Customs is a transparent and credible institution. OPEN DATA platform contains some categories as follows:      - Trade balance over the years, where all the interested can find Kosovo trade exchanges ...

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    22 October 2018
    Medications are caught in two separate events

    Prishtina 16th of October 2018, - Customs officers caught a quantity of medications in two separate events. In Vermica border crossing point, a substantial amount of dental implants is caught. During a routine control customs officers identified a suspicious vehicle with Albania registration plates. After stopping and selecting it for detail control, customs officers ...

  • rulet
    10 October 2018
    Customs confiscates the illegal poker tables

    Prishtina 10th of October 2018 – Within the prevention of illegal activities, customs units last night organized an action at a location suspicious for illegal poker and illegal games of fortune. Last night around 22:00 hrs, customs units exercised a sudden control at a premise without inscription in Prishtina. During the control, inside the premise was noticed that ...