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    08 April 2019
    Customs continues with revenues increase

    Prishtina 5th of April 2019, Customs continues to show a great performance in revenues collection for the first quarterly of 2019. During the reporting period the overall revenues collected by Kosovo Customs in total reach the value of 229.9 mil€, which when compared to the same period from previous year 2018, shows an increase for 10.3 % or around 21.5 mil€ more. In ...

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    03 April 2019
    An amount of alcoholic beverages captured during smuggling attempt

      Mitrovica 2nd of April 2019, Kosovo Customs Officers during patrols in north part have captured an amount of alcoholic beverages during smuggling attempt in Kosovo. During routine controls customs officers have attempted to detain a transport vehicle that has escaped and has endangered citizens and customs ...

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    01 April 2019
    Bilateral meeting of Customs directors of Albania – Kosovo

    Facilitation of customs procedures will impact the increase of trade exchanges for both countries. The increase of cooperation between both Customs Administrations of Albania and Kosovo it will make the level of trade exchanges between two countries to be significantly increased.  During a bilateral meeting between Customs leaders of ...

  • IMG_1458
    20 March 2019
    Customs raids 32 locations for smuggling suspicion

      Pristine on 20th of March 2019, early in the morning Kosovo Customs have begun excessive action in the frame of combatting organized crime and smuggling attempt. Such action is executed in cooperation with Kosovo Police. The operation is also spread in the region of Prishtina, Prizren, Mitrovica, Gjakova and Ferizaj. Following an investigation ...

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    19 March 2019
    A substantial amount of medications were caught while attempted to be smuggled

      Prizren 19th of March 2019, - Customs officials while controlling a truck, have discovered a substantial amount of medications wrapped with table cloths and curtains. During controls of goods in import, this consignment was selected for a detailed control, the truck that initially declared textile ...

  • IMG_1398
    18 March 2019
    Minister Hamza visited Kosovo Customs

    Prishtina 15th of March 2019, - Minister Hamza visited Kosovo Customs where it was welcomed by director general Mr. Berisha with collaborates. In this meeting various issues were discussed, with the director expressing his gratitude for the minister’s support provided to customs. Minister Hamza expressed his acknowledgement toward customs staff or the contribution provided in ...

  • IMG_9012
    12 March 2019
    Custom increases number of controls in the entire territory of Kosovo

    Pristine 12th of March 2019, - During the activities on smuggling combat, last week customs officers have undertaken many activities in the entire territory of Kosovo. Customs has increased the number of physical controls of vehicles, goods and passengers. During this period were exercised 507 activities in general starting ...

  • 20181221_123617
    21 December 2018
    Customs stops a quantity of bullets calibre 9 mm

    Prishtina 21st of December 2018 – Customs officers captured a substantial quantity of bullets while attempted to be smuggled at the border crossing point – Airport. Today, customs officers at Prishtina Airport have stopped a passenger who was flying in from Germany. The person in question crossed in the green lane, from where he was selected for a baggage ...