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    17 May 2018
    Customs captures 5.3 kg of narcotic substances

      Prishtina 17th of May 2018 – Last night customs officers in Vermica BCP in entrance, have stopped a vehicle type Gold V black colour with Kosovo tags driven by a Kosovo citizen, in total 4 passengers inside. The vehicle in question was profiled for a detailed control in the second lane. Within the Integrated Border Management, a joint control with Kosovo ...

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    16 May 2018
    Customs captures smuggled tobacco

    Prishtina 16th of May 2018   - Within fight against contraband with tobacco products, the anti-smuggling units have stopped a VW van with Kosovo tags driven by a Kosovo citizen. During the check-up, tobacco products were found in the vehicle and immediately in cooperation with investigation bodies the driver’s house was also checked where other quantities of tobacco were also ...

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    10 May 2018
    Notice for the Kosovar exporters who export goods in Switzerland and Norway

    Prishtina 10th of May 2018 –   Kosovo Customs started with the application of REX system within the scheme for GSP (General System of Preferences) which is provided to countries under development in this case Kosovo to Switzerland and Norway. This system enables the Kosovar exporters to export goods with ...

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    07 May 2018
    First customs officer for COPES project of the World Customs Organisations accredited

    Prishtine 4th of May 2018 for the first time since the membership of the Kosovo Customs in World Customs today has been certified one of our officers for WBO COPES program (Customs Operational Practices for Law Enforcement and Seizure) which is one of the main authorization given to members of WCO, ...

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    26 April 2018
    Customs on the World Intellectual Property Day talks about the achievements

    Prishtina 26th of April 2018 – Kosovo Customs in cooperation with the Copyright Office and the Related Rights Office and the Industrial Property Agency, on the line of organized activities in honour of the World Intellectual Property Day, today was held the concluding press conference for activities with the moto for ...

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    13 April 2018
    Customs until now prevented around 450.000 pcs of cigarettes during attempted smuggling

    Prishtina 13th of April 2018 – Customs units in two separate cases has confiscated a substantial amount of smuggled cigarettes.   Initially, at the border crossing point of Hani i Elezit, customs units along with Kosovo Police during a joint operation found a substantial amount of ...

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    10 April 2018
    Customs during the first quarter prevented 480 smuggling cases

    Prishtina 6th of April 2018 Based on the Customs Strategy and different operational plans during the first quarter of year 2018 Customs continued fighting the informality in general, focusing on undertaking activities toward fighting contraband and fraudulent evasions. For the first quarter of 2018 below presented are few of investigative ...

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    14 February 2018

    Kosovo Customs informs all import, export subjects, trade agents good’s transporters and other parties that develop activities on international trade that on 15th of February 2018 from 18:00, Kosovo Customs has planned to start the implementation of a new version of ASYCUDA World (AW) new system, a system applied by Customs for the development of all Customs procedures in import, export, transit and other customs ...