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    08 July 2019
    Kosovo Customs participates in the World Customs Organization Council meeting

    Prishtina 29th of June 2019, Kosovo Customs Director General Mr. Bahri Berisha with associates and supported by representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Republic of Kosovo Embassy in Brussels, is participating in the meeting of the World Customs Organization’s Council, sessions 133 – 134 of the Council, ...

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    08 July 2019
    A meeting of Regional Customs Directors Generals is held

    Pristine 11th of June 2019, Today in Pristine for the first time is held a meeting of General Directors of Balkan countries Customs with the support of British Customs. In this meeting participated, Bedri Hamza, Minister of Finances, Ruairi O’Connell, and British Ambassador in Kosovo, Kosovo Customs Director General, Customs of Albania, Customs of ...

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    07 June 2019
    460kg smuggled tobacco captured

      Pristine 6th of June 2019, Customs units have undertaken a control operation in a frame of smuggling prevention. During the control of a detained vehicle is discovered a considerable quantity of tobacco without banderols. After intensive investigation Custom’s units have immediately gone in private location where is suspected to be loading location of such cigarettes without ...

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    05 June 2019
    Smuggled medicaments captured in Prizren

      Prizren 3rd of June 2019, Customs Units have undertaken a controlling operation in the region of Prizren to some subjects with pharmaceutical activity. During this action there were controlled 3 drugstores and offices of a suspected business for smuggled medicaments without banderols. During the control in 3 locations were found a considerable quantity of medicaments ...

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    28 May 2019
    Customs arrested 4 customs officers and 7 persons for smuggling suspicion

    Pristine 28th of May 2019, based on the information over the reasonable suspicion, Kosovo Customs has undertaken criminal investigation supported by Kosovo Police, which lasted for 14 months. The object of the investigation has been the possible misuses of the official duty, respectively good’s smuggling. The case has ...

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    27 May 2019
    Customs exceeds 400 million of revenues for Kosovo budget

    Pristine 27th of May 2019, Customs continues to demonstrate great performance in collected revenues for the first part of 2019. Since the establishment of Custom until now, has never been achieved the exceed of 400 million euro in the first part of the year, respectively in first 5 months. Customs has realized, until now, to collect 412 million ...

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    17 May 2019
    The first training from WCO (World Customs Organization) is held for Kosovo Customs

      Prishtina 17th of March 2019 – During this week the training organized by customs in cooperation with WCO trainers was held, where about 20 customs officials were provided with international experiences in controlling and selecting containers. This is the first training organized by WCO in ...

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    08 April 2019
    Customs continues with revenues increase

    Prishtina 5th of April 2019, Customs continues to show a great performance in revenues collection for the first quarterly of 2019. During the reporting period the overall revenues collected by Kosovo Customs in total reach the value of 229.9 mil€, which when compared to the same period from previous year 2018, shows an increase for 10.3 % or around 21.5 mil€ more. In ...