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  • Dogana Llogo
    22 May 2023
    Over 35,000 liters of alcoholic beverages produced without authorization are seized

    Prishtina May 22, 2023 Kosovo Customs units, after providing information that the production of alcoholic beverages without authorization is being carried out in the village of Novak in Prizren, have organized an action with the aim of verifying the suspected company. Kosovo Custom’s units, after ...

  • Dogana Llogo
    09 May 2023
    The international operation CLADIUS begins

    Vërmica, May 9, 2023 today, customs officers managed to prevent a case of attempted smuggling of tobacco through a passenger vehicle. Kosovo Customs within the international operation CLADIUS in which the Customs of the Western Balkans are participating has found the first results in the fight against smuggling. Today, the Customs units participating in the operation ...

  • OE
    04 May 2023
    Another Kosovar company is authorized as economic operator

    Pristina, May 4- Today, the Director General of Kosovo Customs Mr. Agron Llugaliu has distributed the next certificate for authorized economic operators (AEO), for the Kosovar manufacturing company "Ventius International" LLC from Gjakova. In this case, this company has precisely met the highest standards foreseen by the customs legislation and by ...

  • IMG_2136
    28 April 2023
    Secretary General of WCO Kunio Mikuriya visits Kosovo Customs

    Pristina April 28, 2023 on the second day of the visit of the General Secretary of the OBD Dr. Kunio Mikuriya begins with the visit to the Director of Customs of Kosovo.  This is the first visit of the Secretary General of the OBD (World Customs Organization) to the Kosovo Customs. Director General Mr. Agron Llugaliu, first of all, I ...

  • IMG_2011
    27 March 2023
    A tobacco production workshop is discovered

    Viti, 27 March 2023 customs units have managed to discover an improvised factory for grinding and packaging tobacco. After joint investigations between the Customs and the Police, two vehicles were stopped today by order of the prosecutor and then the properties of the suspects were raided (Viti). During the raid, the customs units encountered considerable amounts of ...

  • 665ED60D-974F-43CA-92CA-7FF84D1E788D
    21 March 2023
    About 30,000 euros of undeclared funds were discovered

    Prishtina, March 21, 2023, customs units have managed to detect and prevent the introduction of illegal currency. Today, in the early hours of the morning, a vehicle with license plates of the Republic of Albania, driven by an Albanian citizen, appeared at the Vërmica border crossing point. The vehicle was stopped for inspection and when asked if he ...

  • IFC 1
    20 March 2023
    Introducing the National Single Window Guide

    Prishtina March 20th, 2023, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, within the plans to improve the environment for doing business, with the support of the World Bank Group (IFC) has undertaken an evaluation for the implementation of the concept of the National Single Window Window). The evaluation was led by the World Bank team and the officials of the Ministry of ...

  • IMG_6035
    27 February 2023
    The eighth company is authorized as an authorized economic operator

    Prishtina, February 27, 2023, - Kosovo Customs advances further with trade facilities by increasing the number of authorized economic operators (AEO). In this context, after fulfilling the legal criteria, the General Director of the Customs of Kosovo Mr. Agron Llugaliu with associates has distributed the next certificate for ...