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Border crossing point of merdare


Border Crossing Point of Merdare is located at kilometer 37 of the highway Prishtina to Nish between two neighboring countries of Kosova and Serbia, in the North-East of Kosova.
February 26, 2001 is an official start of operations.
Initially at this border crossing all customs procedures of clearance of goods are completed at this point. Clearance of goods is done by the short procedure.
In June 20, 2002 the Customs Terminal in opened in Podujeva  to complete clearance of goods, while the border crossing dealt with acceptance of papers accompanying goods.
The Border Crossing is used for clearance of goods contained in passengers’ baggage.
Since the January the first of this year, by the decision of UCS Management, the Border Crossing of Merdare is divided from Podujeva and it operates as such.  This Border Crossing operates 24 hours a day.
Work is done by four shifts with 12 working hours. During the work hours acceptance of accompanying papers is done to be forwarded to the Customs Terminal afterwards and clearance of non commercial goods contained in the baggage of passengers. This Point serves also for processing-clearance of goods of KFOR and of other liaison Offices in Kosova.
With the request of association of green trade of wholesale in Prishtina, UCS Management permitted clearance of perishable goods (fruits and vegetables) imported from Serbia.  This is validated in compliance with the request of given association for period from May 10, 2007 until October 31, 2007.
The same is valid also for perishable goods to be exported such is mushrooms and bilberries.

In general at Merdare crossing point are completed following procedures:
Work procedure in Merdare border crossing point


a)   Acceptance of required papers such is invoices, CMR, export declaration and papers of truck, preliminary check of goods is done and trucks are sealed,
b)    Recording to TIMS, which is a book to present papers for import and transit of goods in which case it receives number in advance  in electronic way by the program itself.

c)    Accompanying papers are taken together with vehicle papers,

d)    Customs clearance of goods contained in baggage of passengers is completed at g-3  Merdare and this clearance is completed with CDP (Customs Document of Passengers) to be paid in cash at this Crossing Point. Accompanying papers of goods together with vehicle papers are forwarded to the Customs Terminal of Podujeva by the Chief of Shift or by his designated person.