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The border crossing point Kulla is located int eh north-west part of Peja city, with sea level of 1250 meters and started to work on 14/02/2000 at the time as constituent part of CS Peja.

At this time clearances were performed with transitory procedure only, while starting from 01.06.2000 the regular clearance started to be performed in the terminal which was established in Peja city.
Problems that this station has are not much different from the problems that all other customs points face as well as the entire Customs Service comes across with. The border crossing point of Kulla initially served as customs terminal also since in the beginning as we mentioned earlier goods used to be cleared in this point, whereas now all commercial consignments initially are checked in the border crossing and then are decided to be placed under customs supervision by sealing them and instructing them (mandatory) to go the Peja terminal for clearance.

Goods that are brought by passengers are cleared in the border crossing.

Kulla border crossing points works non-stop for 24 hours, with 12 hours shifts.

For importers that bring commercial goods, they should accompany the goods with all the necessary documentation including also the basic documentation from the country of departure and also documents from transit countries.