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Border Crossing Point Glloboçica

Besides the border crossing point of Hani i Elezit with the Republic of Macedonia, there is also the border crossing point of Glloboçica.

The border crossing point Glloboçica is located in the 68th kilometre of the highway between Prishtina – Tetova and through this border crossing point only the crossing of vehicles and passengers buses is allowed, in which case clearance of goods carried by passengers is also permitted, but with administrative instruction is forbidden for trucks with commercial goods to cross and to clear them, this is due to the actual infrastructure.

Based on the organizational structure of Customs Service, this border crossing point is considered to be within the Hani i Elezit customs station, with the working schedule of 24 hours.

As in most of the border crossing points in Republic of Kosovo, in this border crossing CCTV system cameras are installed to monitor the traffic during 24 hours.