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The internal clearance office is located in the road section between Prishtina – Fushë Kosova opposite to the Garrison “Adem Jashari” on the premises of Public Warehouse “Inter-Europa” JSC, industrial zone, street “Lidhja e Pejës” n/n.
This internal customs office started the work on date 06.09.2006 and clearance of goods stored conform the authorization terms that the “Inter-Europa” company possesses as Customs Warehouse Type “A” is performed.

Also in this office submission of monthly declarations IM4 (regular import) is allowed for discharge of Customs Warehouses Type “D” and “C” from Prishtina region and wider which were at the beginning of this office functioning, as discharge office used to have the Customs station of Prishtina Airport.

Working schedule

The work at the ICO is performed every working day (from Monday to Friday) starting from 08:00 until 16:00 hrs and as necessary even after the working hours. Starting from 20th of October 2007 we applied the stand by schedule for Saturday consisted from two customs officers with a working schedule from 10:00 until 12:00 hrs where all the customs procedures described for this type of customs warehouse are performed.