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•    Customs Station in Hani i Elezit
The customs station in Hani i Elezit, is located in the southern part of Republic of Kosovo, in the 70th kilometre of the highway between Prishtina – Skopje. It’s the customs station with the highest inflow of passengers, vehicles and trucks that carry commercial goods for Kosovo markets.
The CS Hani i Elezit is configured into two parts, where Kosovo Customs officials operations are performed: Border Crossing Point and Terminal.

•    The border crossing point at Hani i Elezit
This border crossing point is located at the border with Republic of Macedonia and it’s the point with highest inflow of vehicles and buses with passengers that enter and exit through the border between Kosovo and Macedonia.
Kosovo Customs operates 24 hours non-stop at this border crossing and the tendency continually exists along with the highest inflow to manage the passenger’s traffic become with less unnecessary stops, except the ones that are subject to customs controls.

Contact number for the border crossing point at Hani i Elezit is 038/541-930
•    Customs terminal – Hani i Elezit
Within the Customs Station of Hani i Elezit, there is a customs terminal which has the biggest space among the customs terminals in Kosovo. As a result of the fact is around 60% of all the goods that are imported and perform the customs procedures in Kosovo, go through this customs station.

Kosovo Customs in this terminal has established the much sophisticated mobile X-Ray scanner and by its assistance the checking of goods and consignments is enabled to be more expedited and more detailed.

Within the terminal of Hani i Elezit all other border agencies are also located such as veterinary and phyto-sanitary agencies. This all was done with the purpose of all the import and export of goods procedures to be performed without great and unnecessary delays.
The working schedule in this customs terminal is 24 hours but the goods clearance schedule is every day from 08:00 until 20:00hrs.

Contact number for the customs terminal of Hanit i Elezit is 038/502-534.