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Vermica Customs Station is one of the official international border crossing for Kosovo which serves as connection between Kosovo and Albania.
At this border crossing is accomplished the passengers traffic, goods traffic, transporting means, vehicles, as well as clearance and control of goods and passengers.
The border crossing point of Vermica with its geographical position is the only border crossing which serves for the traffic of commercial goods and it’s the point with the biggest traffic of passengers, which go or come from Albania.

The Vermica Customs station is located in the 18th kilometre from the Prizren city in the south-west of Kosovo.
On date of 13.07.2005 the new customs terminal was inaugurated with the space of 5000 m², where 36 trucks with goods can be parked, which greatly facilitates the process of goods clearance.
A constituent part of CS Vermica are the border crossing points of Qafa e Prushit and Qafa e Morinës, which are located in the western part of Gjakova city.