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Customs Station Peja is located in Peja city, 22 km in distance from Border Crossing Point (BCP) Kulla.

All commercial goods from all the regions of BCP Kulla are instructed (or obliged) to go to the customs terminal to continue with customs procedure of goods clearance.

In Peja CS the Veterinary and Phyto-sanitary agency inspectors operate as well, who equip the importer with the required certificates.

In Peja CS except the goods which enter through Kulla BCP, a vehicle clearance is also performed in the interior as well as definitive clearance of goods from procedures with economic impact is performed.

Documents needed for clearance:

  • Goods invoice
  • Transport document
  • Cargo manifest
  • EUR 1 Certificate
  • Export documents from country of departure and transit
  • Veterinary – sanitary certificates, if applicable.
  • Import licences, if applicable.

•    Goods declaration by authorized Agents through customs declaration.

The official working schedule of CS Peja is every day from 08:00 until 20:00 hrs and 15 officers who are organized into various teams and shifts are engaged to work.