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The customs station Dheu i Bardhë started functioning since 09.04.2001 at the time the overall staff at the station was 12 officers and the head of the station, which used to work with 24 hours schedules, while nowadays 28 customs officers are located in this station.


C.S. Dheu i Bardhë is located at the place called “Dheu i Bardhe ” (White Ground) which is administered by the Municipal Assembly of Dardana, former Kamenica. Geographically the station is located in the road section between Gjilan – Bujanovc, 22 km from Gjilan, 12 km from Dardana and 15 km from Bujanovc, as well as 3 km in distance from the border with Serbia.

The landscape is mountainous and the green line is relatively long, more than 85 km. It is bordered with many villages from the Bujanovc municipality such as: Dobrosin, Breznica, Muhoc, Novoselle, Ramnabuqe which are connected with Kosovo through many other secondary roads.


Based on the Administrative Order from the Director General, C.S. Dheu i Bardhë works 24 hours non-stop, while clearance of commercial goods is performed during 12 hours from 08:00 – 20:00, where all the customs procedures are performed which are authorized by the Customs legislation in force, while the transitory procedure is used for passengers that carry with themselves goods which exceed the permitted limit and their clearance is done in 24 hours.