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Before your arrival in Kosovo, you have to decide about the need to declare items / goods in case you have them with you to Kosovo Customs:

  • Goods which may be limited or restricted or
  • Goods that you purchased outside of Kosovo
  • Goods in higher value that the passenger’s allowances in amount of 175 Euro as well as if you have quantities more than allowed per passenger of tobacco products, alcohol, goods for commercial purposes, or
  • Goods (items) they you carry for somebody else or
  • Money in value of 10,000 Euro and more.

You don’t have a need to declare your clothes, personal jewellery and hygienic items since these are considered to be your personal items if are under your personal use while you are staying in Kosovo.

Please have the invoices or other documents with you which will certify the value of goods that you carry with you.

Exit (declaration) through channels RED/ GREEN

Every person who enters or exits Kosovo shall respond to questions which are made by an authorized customs official, in regard to their baggage or anything that the passenger may carry, if required so, the passengers shall offer for control their baggage and anything carried with themselves.

After you pass through the passport control and you take the baggage, you shall move toward the exit through specific channels for exit classified as green and red channel.

If you possess items or money to be declared please go toward the red channel which contains the writing “Goods and money to be declared”, if you have nothing to declare, and then go toward the green channel which contains the writing “Nothing to declare”.

If you are not sure then use the red channel for exit.

Baggage control

Customs officers can check the baggage of every passenger, regardless in which channel you are.

Prior to checking your baggage you will be subject of few initial questions by the customs officer to which you shall respond with the highest possible sincerity.
Commercial goods
If you have with you commercial goods, goods for sale in Kosovo or goods that you may use in your business, they will be subject to customs tax and Value Added Tax (VAT). You must declare those goods to the customs officer in time of your arrival.

If the goods that you brought are planned to be temporarily imported in Kosovo you have to make a bank guarantee which will cover the actual payable taxes for the value of goods that you bring until their re-exporting.

Clearance of commercial goods is necessary regardless if they are transferred (carried) in your baggage, if you sent them as a baggage without escort or separately prior to your arrival as a cargo.

All of the commercial goods that are exported should have the customs formalities performed before the departure.

Commercial goods carried by passengers will be subject to the customs clearance. If this matter cannot be done within that day, the goods will remain under customs supervision and a certificate for temporary detention until the clearance completion will be issued to you by the customs officer.