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04 December 2017

Customs takes part on Balkan’s Custom’s Directors meeting

Prishtine 1st of December 2017 – Custom’s Director General Mr. Bahri Berisha is participating on the meeting of the Custom’s Directors of West Balkan countries, such meeting of a superior level is being hold in Skopje of Macedonia. The opening of this meeting was performed by the Prime Minister of Macedonia.

In his word Kosovo Customs Director General Mr. Berisha emphasized that “Aims, Objectives and our concepts as Customs Administrations must be the same and mutual in all around the region in order to help the economic development through collaboration and to assist each other in the process of integration. Free movement of goods, services, work capital, and make the region more attractive for investments and trade, help on acceleration of EU convergence bringing prosperity and reforms for Western Balkan countries in general and specific progress for our administrations in order to develop Trade facilities as concept”. This meeting is developed under the organizing of USADI and World Bank where Kosovo is participating as equal member.